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McKinely enlarging Towne Centre


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I was impressed with the first phase of the McKinley center expansion, which is that new red brick building that now occupies what was once a surface lot. It really helped lengthen the continuity of storefronts down Liberty.

Personally, I'd like to see google move into the McKinley Center for good. We could see a fairly large midrise expansion that would beef up the density even more in that part of town. Plus it has that connecting parking structure for the employees.

As far as the apartment building, tear that thing down. It looks so out of place in that neighborhood. I'm glad Varsity Management is cooperating.

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Yeah, unfortunately there's plenty of empty office space to go around, although not somuch the case downtown. I think McKinley Center is one of the last to fill up. However, on the outskirts of the city, there's a lot of empty space to go around. Driving around Pittsfield today, there were so many "For Lease" signs on buildings.

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I have a whole bunch of great images of it, but this is the only one I have on hand. The original building is to the left. It used to be white and now has brown tones to it. The first phase expansion of the center is the red brick building. It used to be a parking lot. I think they did nice on the design, which is why Im looking forward to future work. I didn't know this one had been built over the summer. I was coming down Thompson Street when, hello! There it was!


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