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Horizons, Stone County

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Horizons in Stone County to Have Over 8000 Houses

An enormous housing development in Stone County is going forward with over 8000 houses on over 5000 acres. Part of the property will be preserved as woodlands. I'm not sure what to think of the design yet, as I have not seen the project in its entirety. In any event, this ought to jump-start the economy in the area.

WLOX TV 13- video included

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The article says:

-The developer now has 11,000 acres and 12,000 more under contract.

-The developer will develop 7,500 single family homes and 10,000 apartments.( @ the standard 2.65 people per house this type of development usually has that is 46,500 people!!!!!!!!)

-The developer said they have the capacity for up to 110,000 houses. (@ 2.65 people that is 291,000 people about the size of Hinds county!!!!!)

Well that is some very "out-there" news. A new Gulf Coast to Jackson interstate will be nearly required if this development even completes the initial development of 17500 homes.

I usually really dont care about suburban growth (neither liking nor dislike enough to be against), but hell this is Mississippi who needs anything it can get. As long as it is not a trailer park, I am in favor of it.

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