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This is completely ridiculous...


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good quote garris

and who is david segal?

anyways, yea i was just thinking about the state and its development since the 60's or lack thereof

the size of the state doesnt deter development, its the size of the zoning laws in the state that do

its a double egde sword though, i see the benefit of some untouched historical structures that may have not stood till now in other cities, while i also do not see anything in an industry leading, dynamic architecture, great engineering sense either...

funny quote i heard the other day... [paraphrased] when laws are made and proved to non-effective in some way, they are never taken away... only amended for exemptions. its like the makers or governing bodies will not admit failure and start from scratch...

just look at the securities industry as an example of what the zoning laws may be like....

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