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Insurance Rate?


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From my understanding the rate cut they are purposing are only apply to people that have Citizen, which means those people that owned a luxury house on the coast got a rate cut. Then the rest of the florida citizens are on the hook for hurricance catastrophic fund.

They are also expanding the citizen coverage which make Citizen Insurance even larger than it is now. Isnt this will further incrase the risk of the Citizen to go even further in the red?

And for the insurance company, this deal sealed the door for their business from losing money. Isnt doing business means taking a risk? You either make a lot of money or lose the money.

Their is fundamental problem here needs to be solved. If the insurance company refused to write any home insurance, they should be restricted from writing any form of insurance in this state.

How does insurance company work in Lousiana and MS? Are they in the same situation like we are now?

What are your thoughts on this issue?

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Jason Garcia and John Kennedy {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} Tallahassee Bureau

Posted January 31, 2007



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