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Wishful Thinking


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Here is a list of "wishful thinking" I have compiled that would happen in Murfreesboro by the year 2017. Add or subtract your own wishes. Have fun!

Across Murfreesboro

1. Old Fort Parkway/ Broad Street Overpass is completed

2. The Avenues Mall is completed

3. Major Headquarters relocates to Medical Center Parkway

4.MTMC completed

5.Murfreesboro Medical Clinic completed

6.Old MTMC is converted into classroom space for MTSU Nursing, special needs clinic, and a regional research center

7.Farmers Market completed

8.Southwest Loop completed

9.Cherry Lane Extension completed

10. Jefferson Pike is Widened and Extended to form North Eastern Loop with Joe B. Jackson Parkway

11.Greenway extension from Murfreesboro to Smyrna completed

12.Medical Center Parkway 80% built out

13.Kmart is demolished for a two story lifestyle mixed development including Harris Teeter, Nike Outlet, Ralph Lauren, Brach's Candy, Armani Exchange, Circuit City, Van Heusen etc.

14.Super Kmart opens a brand new store and adjacent strip center at the corner of Southwest Broad and Rutherford Boulevard

15. Rutherford Boulevard widened to five lanes, CSX/Chruch Street overpass completed

16.Three Rivers Completed

17.2 million sq ft. mixed use development on Manchester Highway completed

18.200,000 sq ft. retail development completed along South Church Street including another TJMaxx and Davis and Kidd Bookstore

19. North End receives Costco, Whole Foods, upscale restaurants, boutiques shops, banks, (Third Walmart is cancelled)

20.YMCA built in Barfield area

21.Rockvale Middle School and Highschool completed, Scales High School Completed, John Bragg Academy K-12 Private School located out Woodbury Highway completed. All other Highschool additions completed, Campus School and Central Middle become magnet schools.

22.New Salem widened exit completed

23.New Road between Highway 99 and 96 completed connecting River Rock Blvd. to Bridge Avenue

24.Clark is widened to five lanes from MTSU to Gateway Boulevard with bridge and pedestrian access over Greenway/CSX/Old Nashville Highway

25. All major intersections and arterials (3/5/7 lanes) receive pedestrian crosswalks and timed signaling

26.Sulfur Springs widened and aligned to three lanes

27.Thompson Lane widened to five lanes from Broad Street to Compton Road

28.Dejarnette widening complete

29.Broad Street is widened to seven lanes from Florence Road to Manchester Highway and is lighted around 840 on and off ramps. Ghastly Yellow Lighting has been eliminated in the city.

30.Stones River Mall Renovation completed

31.Murfreesboro Musicians join the NBA

32.Mixed Use Sports Complex Completed to host concerts and sporting events completed

33.Salvation Army Homeless Shelter addition completed

34.United Way Regional Office completed on Middle Tenn Blvd.

35.Rutherford County Womens Shelter located on New Salem completed

36.Assited Living Facility Complex located along St. Andrews Drive

37.BMW or Mercedes opens new dealership on Joe B. Jackson

38.Murfreesboro consolidates becoming the third largest city in TN with a population of 300,000 (Knoxville has not consolidated yet nor has Chattanooga)

Downtown and Historic Districts

1.Three new office towers are announced atleast 20 stories

2. Mid South Bank 30 story office tower completed

3.Downtown infill including restaurants, retail, youth club (for teens), a Unitarian Church, recording studios, refurbishing of older buildings into condos completed

4.New 3 story 120,000 sq ft. library opens downtown and 8 other branches in various parts of the city

5.West Main Street, Haley, Cannonsburg becomes entertainment district. Warehouses are demolished. New alternative clubs, book stores, retail, after hours bars and coffee shops completed

6. East Main Street opens comic book stores, MTSU Clothing and Memorabilia store, and additional coffee houses

7.Pedestrian Bridge over Broad Street linking Cannonsburg/Entertainment District/Greenway to downtown completed

8.Large Addition to Bradley Museum including new childrens art gallery, play ground, African American Memorial who have contributed to education in Murfreesboro, fountain and splash area fronting Academy Street

9.Sign Pros along Maple Street is demolished for 17 story office tower housing a guidance center and new law firm headquarters

10.Shacks and warehouses demolished along Lytle Street for addition to St. Claire Senior Center and two five story assisted living facilities.

11.Rite Aid completed on Spring Street

12.California Pizza Kitchen completed on Vine Street

13.Maney Avenue and urban blight area revitalized with new apartments, community center, restaurants, City Gear, Remax Elite, and other stores completed

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Wow, that's just way too much to take in for li'l ol' Murfreesboro. How 'bout they just demolish everything outside Old Fort Parkway, Main St, Rutherford and start over with a plan. :whistling: Hey, same goes for most of Nashville.

They could start by making the parking spaces downtown parallel and building a garage a la downtown Franklin (I couldn't find a damn space this morning so I could get a cup of coffee before class) so that the square doesn't consist of the courthouse surrounded by parking, access street, parking, sidewalk, parking, street, parking, buildings.

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My main wish for Murfreesboro going into the future is that we the people of the city would install in office public servants who will work to protect and defend the rights of the people. My hope is that in so doing we would become a beacon of freedom that other cities around the state and country could emulate.

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Bojangles... there was one years ago in front of the the original Wal-Mart (now MAC). I think the building is actually a Mexican restaurant now. Man they had some good biscuits. Oh, and a Krispy Kreme right near the new hotel and mall. That would be sweeeeet!

That was actually a Albertson's grocery store, the original Wal-Mart was attached to the Stones River Mall, the old Dilliard's to be exact. Bojangles is thriving down here in Jacksonville,FL

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That was actually a Albertson's grocery store, the original Wal-Mart was attached to the Stones River Mall, the old Dilliard's to be exact. Bojangles is thriving down here in Jacksonville,FL

The MAC location was indeed Wal-Mart. It was a store called Big K, which Wal-Mart bought in the 80s. Then Food Max tore it down and built a store, which was bought by Albertson's. The mall Wal-Mart was the second Wal-Mart location for Murf.

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