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High-tech research firm moving into Lansing site


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I don't post much over here these days, but decided I'd post this as its just one example of a handful of high-tech companies starting or expanding in Lansing proper.

High-tech research firm moving into Lansing site

MSU spinoff uses state grant to build pathogen detectors



A few more high-tech companies the city has been pulling in, or companies growing quickly in Lansing in the last few years:

Niowave: http://niowaveinc.com/

NeoGen: http://www.neogen.com/

BioPort: http://www.emergentbiosolutions.com/

ACDnet: http://www.acd.net/

IDV Solutions: http://www.idvsolutions.com/sites/


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More information:

More Details on New Local Biotech Firm

Jan 23, 2007 07:00 AM EST



- The new company produces a microchip. The small device can test water, food and air for deadly diseases, and could help many companies do their job.

- A million dollar 21st century jobs grant helped put this business together, and without that grant, the announcement would not have been possible.

- Aqua Bio Tech workers plan to fully move into the Walnut School at the end of the month.

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