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Allis Hotel- Wichita

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Allis Hotel- Wichita

The implosion of the Allis Hotel in December, 1996 marked a turning point for preservation in the city. Unfortunately, that didn't help the building, which was demolished for nothing more than an empty lot. The building, built by Kansas City hotelman Barney Allis in 1930, was once Wichita's tallest, at 17 stories, and originally boasted a large rooftop sign. In spite of its art deco details and well thought out design, the hotel never seemed to do well financially. In later years, it had a sucession of owners, including a period in the 60's when it was known as the Sheraton-Allis. After its closure in the early 1970's, the hotel became an apartment house, closing again in 1984. The city council responded favorably to the cries of those who were tired of seeing a vacant 17 story "eyesore" and voted to destroy the hotel. While the Broadview is still standing (and may be under renovation), it is unfortunate that Wichita casually destroyed one of its more notable landmarks. As noted above, though, it didn't go without a fight. Lesson learned?

The Allis Hotel- allishotel.com

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