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Do you exercise/workout regularly?


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Do you workout or exercise regularly (at least 5 days/week)? What kind of exercise? Details? Any notable accomplishments this past year, or events coming up? Not only does exercise keep you healthier, experts say that exercising helps produce pheromones in the body, making you happier, more optimistic and more likable!

-I walk/run 2 miles a day minimum, 7 days/week, outside if the weather is nice, treadmill if not

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I run races to keep me motivated to run in the mornings.

approx. 5 miles a day most days during the week (treadmill), long runs on saturday (outside) with rungazelle.com

Run the RB Run every year and a fall marathon every fall, plus a few others like the Bridge Run.

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I too am someone who feels really lazy now after reading all these replies. On a plus note, I have lost 10 lbs. since the first of the year. (Drinking only diet/caffiene free soda, drinking a ton more water and have discovered the deliciousness that are Clementine Oranges.)

I am also starting a once a week roller hockey league shortly. I guess some cardio is better than no cardio. I hope this will be a springboard to further physical activity.

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i haven't in 2 months because of a move and stress.

but i am going back next week, hopefully joining at the Y downtown.

M, W, F i lift weights and do 30 mins cardio

T, Th i do 45 mins of cardio

and i hope to join a yoga class because i LOVE yoga.

i might also join a running group that a girlfriend invited me to.

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Lately I've been getting really lazy, even though I really have been getting busy with school and work. I have a membership at a gym that has a pool, basketball courts, weight room. I use to go there about every day to play a few hours worth of basketball and get in a mile of jogging after playing but it's been a while since I have gone.

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