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My Hood: South U District

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This is a repost from another forum so excuse any detail that gets overly specific

I figured it was time to take pictures of my neighborhood in Ann Arbor. It was in between classes on an ugly day so it might be kind of depressing, but I through in a shot from early this fall to add a bit of color. The tour begins from my doorstep to the "gateway" to South U from the university.

Hope you enjoy.


Home sweet home.....ughhhhh...... I don't what's going on with the bottom apartment window.


Random student housing


Some nicer ones




The only permanent residents on our block





The end of the South U district meets with fraternity row on Washtenaw Ave. The first major house is Phi Delta Theta. It was designed by Albert Kahn the architect who revolutionized factory construction in North America and designed many beautiful skyscrapers in Detroit.




I always thought this subdivided house could look nice if renovated.


Trotter Multicultural house. (back of it)




Angell Elementary

Here are some of the better examples of home ownership:





The hallways in this building are effed up.

Go to part II http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=34805

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Not that it should surprise me, but many of these shots bare uncanny resemblences to Lansing-East Lansing housing. That last apartment building is crazy long, though. What is its name? BTW, is the South U District and official city district? If so, what are the boundaries?

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Well, it's technically called the Angell Neighborhood, but I've seriously never heard anyone call it that. South University district is declared by historical signages and plaques placed at two plazas along the commercial district. However, anyone within a 1 to 2 block vicinity usually refers to the area as the South U District. It's just like how we call the heart of campus "the diag." The name sticks when everyone uses it.

More info about the Angell Neighborhood Here: http://www.arborweb.com/cg/t1302.html

I can't recall the name of the apartment complex. It actually goes a bit longer than what is shown in the photo. It's pretty narrow too. I was at a party at someones apartment there and we found the hallways a bit too much fun. Let's just say my friend ended up in the emergency room that night.

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Yeah that apartment complex is crazy.

There are some really beautiful homes in that general area though -- where Hill meets Geddes and a lot of the little side streets that head north off Geddes. Also, if you head east, just before you reach Huron Pkwy, there's a HUGE home being built. They've been working on it for at least 3 years now, and they're still going. I assume the house is done, but the grounds are still under construction. It's both obnoxious and impressive.

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