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My Hood Part II

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2 cheap replacements for a house that burned down.


I like this apartment building. Kind of a German-Alpine feel to it.


Cemetery gateway.


U of M School of Kineseology annex's anex. Continuing to take over and tear down the surrounding neighborhoods.


Just keep building on top of that porch


University Towers stands amongst a scattered collection of houses. BR I-94 ROW carved a pretty large chunk out of the neighborhood







Where Hayward gets his groceries. Nothing is more classy than a store with a spirited rat as its logo.









Hope you enjoyed!

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Yes...nice tour. That area was also my hood for a year in undergrad. I lived in an apartment on Walnut Ave about half a block north of S. Uni. (east of Washtenaw about 2-3 blocks).

It was a good area, but I would often get seduced by Pinball Pete's on my way home from classes, and therefore waste a couple hours and about $10.

Note: S. Uni. always acted a strong wind tunnel on windy winter days and could get so strong it could take away your breath. Not to mention once actually blowing out a ground floor retail window in U. Towers.

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Unless it's much below freezing, we don't make much difference between good and bad weather. We take the winter as a given. :)

Today's been brutally cold, though.

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That's a new construction? I guess looking closer I can see that, but at first glance you'd never be able to tell.

Who was the architect, do you know?

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I used to have the website with the original rendering, but I can't find it now. The building has 1997 etched into the top of it, that's why I know the date. It was sandblasted to look a bit older. Although, the ground floor storefront is relatively new, as the original one I believe wasn't all that great. They also did that 4 story brick building near East Quad found near the end of this thread.

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Wonderful pics, Wolve. I recognized the buildings, but not the tenants. When I was in school (during the late Jurassic), it seemed like the only "cuisine" was pizza, made by Greek immigrants. All of the Asian restaurants are a needed corrective.

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