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West Virginia: Wild and wond.... open for business?


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West Virginia: Wild and... open for business?


This reminds me of Kentucky's former slogan: "We are open for business!" followed by "Where education pays!". Now it is "Unbridled spirit" which is really nice.

It's a shame WV put up some nice signage with a beautiful background, but ruined it with a stupid slogan.

Article information:

"Wild and wonderful or open for business?

Associated Press

January 25, 2007"

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Old welcome sign on minor state and U.S. highways --


Old welcome sign on interstate and major U.S. highways --


IMO, it was bland and boring, design-wise.

New welcome sign --


IMO, nice background and design, but the bottom slogan would be nice if it was cursive and if it read - "WILD AND WONDERFUL"

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