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New Steel rising quickly on new B-School


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Well look at my piss poor photo skills showing through tonight. I was hungry for a Big Ten Burrito so I pulled up near the SE corner of the building on the way.

This is all you get!


It's a shame we don't have the photo update talents of the GR people. Except more at 2:00 am in the morning!

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I got my camera back last night and took some pictures of B-school school today.

At one point they had some guys hanging on to the end of the cable suspended from that massive crane and the thing hoisted them up to the top levels. Quite a ride, they should sell tickets to fraternities.










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I also took these construction pictures of the addition of that hideous monstrosity to the Art Museum.

For those who don't know, here's a rendering of what it's supposed to look like.


On top of that, they're tearing up a wonderful plaza space to build it.




The Mysterious and Legendary tunnels beneath the university reveal themselves!!



The inside looks cool, the outside however, is completely out of context with its surroundings. I hate it when architects sacrifice context in the hopes of gaining acclaim or award... especially with a design as bland as this one appears on the exterior.

It's going to ruin any progress toward continuity the campus was making and it's going to stick out like sore thumb on that corner... there was a really nice historical theme there (especially before they built the LSA building).

Too late now I guess.

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Thanks for the picture updates. Last time I was through there, they were still demo'ing the old tower section (last June).

Btw, I really like the LSA building. I think it is a great example of the tail end of the International style in 1948.

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I only like the LSA building now because it got new windows, and that beautiful limestone mechanical penthouse which compliments the design very well.. Agreed that its an excellent building of its time. But I never liked its appearance on the campus. It just screams orange to me too much.

Not sure about the art museum though. The renderings don't tell me much. I'm just glad it won't be heavily attached to the art Museum (only by a breezeway) I feel it's placement though will make the campus more constricted. Tappan Hall looks suffocated.

As for the B-School. Looks like that huge setback from the street is being maintained like it was with the older building, and even the ones before it.. What is up with that, and why is it being kept?

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Wow, this topic was resurected after more then a year. The building should be pretty much done by now right? I agree with mgman, I'd like to see how the project has turned out if anyone in the area gets the chance to take a few shots.

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