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One Wachovia to get big first floor makeover

Miesian Corners

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Here's the link: http://www.charlotte.com/mld/charlotte/business/16549452.htm

From a Wachovia memo:

A new Wachovia Securities brokerage office at the street level of the One

Wachovia building in uptown Charlotte. This space will house

financial advisors and employees from the Private Client Group,

which is a division of our brokerage firm that serves clients

through dedicated brokerage offices.

Scheduled for completion in second quarter 2007, the new office

will replace the existing PCG location on the 21st floor of the

Three Wachovia building.

We believe this will be a unique and attractive location for

uptown Charlotte and will add another visual dimension to

Charlotte as the nation's second-largest financial services hub.

The new location will feature innovative technology, including:

* A scrolling stock and business news ticker that will wrap

around the exterior of the building facing College Street and

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard (formerly Second Street).

* A vertical stock ticker inside the building.

* A high-tech client media room where financial advisors can

present Envision plans to clients. Envision is the investment

planning process that FAs use to help clients plan for their

financial futures.

* Multiple flat-screen technology, including the projection of

business television news outside with exterior sound.

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I cannot really picture that building with a stock ticker around it, I would think that that would belong on one of their newer buildings

what charlotte needs is a major media outlet that type of building with news and what not going around it would be very cool

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This office will be a group of the wealth managment team. The move makes total sense as it makes it easier for clients to access.

(As for WB securities, you will not pin it on me, but why do you guys think they are building the new WB complex??? Who do you really think is going to be occupying this wonderful bldg??? :whistling: That is as far as I go)


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It was on for the first time today. It is unique in that it actually is in color. From ground level it adds a little flare to the city. From up high (18 floors up) it looks kind of silly since it really is small in scale against the bldg.


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I had it in my mind that this was going to be just a ticker, with scrolling stocks. But its more like the band inside of an arena with colors, moving advertisements and such. Its small but it adds some color and life to this corner of uptown.

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