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Kalamazoo Crane


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Well, I started taking pictures of all the new and recent developments around kzoo but my camera died. Here is the few pics I did get.

View from the Radisson Ramp of the Millder Paddock building crane


Now down to the street, this is a newly renovated Michigan Ave. Building


Here is a view of the site from Bronson Park


Up close shot from across South Street - still working on pouring the underground garage. By the way, that 3 story brick building in the background is brand new Devissor Place


Also, snapped the front entrance of the new Chem building on WMU's main campus


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It should have 2 underground parking levels plus 2 levels above ground. Atop that should be 4 floors for offices - this building is being developed primarily for Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone attorneys by the Catalyst/Greenleaf Companies. They have outgrown their old office building several block away. There will still be space left for other businesses as well though and although it was scrapped; I believe they may still leave the option of adding 3 floors of condos up top of all that.

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Kazoo has such awesome potential, and it's good to see it finally being realized. I need to make it over that way, sometime. They seem to be doing a lot right in terms of urban development, in fact, more right than quite a few other larger cities in the city.

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I'll have a few more pics soon; I am quite pleased with how the redevelopment of the Michigan Ave/Pitcher building is going. The orginial building is a 3 and 2 story and they have so far added on a 4 floor wing which has the facade going up as I type. However, so far i'm not 100% sure if I like the facade so much as well as the original brick building on the corner.

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