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The Official Fantasy Baseball Thread


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Do any of you guys do fantasy baseball? For those of you who do not know what this is, it is kind of hard to explain.

Basically, you manage a team in a fantasy league in which you compete against other people's fantasy teams. Every week, you compete against a new team, and you only compete against that one team, not the whole league.

Every team is made up of players that you draft. You draft real players and it is entirely based on the statistics of how that player does.

In my particular league (to make it interesting) we have six pitching and six hitting categories and the winner of that category gets a win. The point is (obviously) to get the most wins.

Sorry if you're confused.

Anyways, here is my team:

C - Jason Varitek

1B - Mike Sweeney

2B - Adam Kennedy

SS - Angel Berroa

3B - Bill Mueller

OF - Manny Ramirez

OF - Garret Anderson

OF - Magglio Ordonez


Juan Gonzalez

Raul Ibanez

Jose Valentin

Carlos Guillen


Pedro Martinez

Jamie Moyer

Rich Harden

Jorge Julio

Mike MacDougal

Damaso Marte

Scot Shields

Scott Sullivan

Jeremy Affeldt

(I am in the AL division of my league, so I can only have AL players)

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