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New Orleans and The Media

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What local news channels do you guys prefer? I've been watching WWL forever, and I would probably put WVUE behind it in second place. I almost never watch WDSU or WVUE, as I feel both of them seem to dumb-down the news, like they think their viewers are all stupid. The news delivery from both networks just seems very simple when compared to WWL and WVUE. WWL is just superior in every way, for me. Better anchors, reporters, news delivery, sports, weather, and extras like I-News.

And TSmith, I was a Cox user for nearly 18 years, and a Charter user for about two leading up to Katrina. After Katrina, I made the switch to DirectTV, and words simply cannot describe how much I prefer it over cable. Have you heard of any progress being made on that deal between Cox and Belo (WWL's owner) at all recently? I know the deadline is coming up soon, and it seems like many Cox users still have absolutely no idea that they are in danger of losing WWL.

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