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Tampa office market report


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CNL Tower II, 60% contracted

Southern Community Bank is having a make over to become Class A office.

2 more offices buildings at the Plaza.

Sanctuary and 55West have some offices.

if Hughey counts, that would be all.

Ustler Uptown project will have some offices as well.

They ar ebuilding tons of offices at the UCF Research Park, wish they will buid them in downtown.

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Was this a gloat post, Sunshine? :rolleyes:

Our vacancy rate was pretty significantly affected by the exit of MCI, which literally left an entire office park vacant. Other than that, I think the Tampa Bay metro isn't doing any worst than most other major markets. I think most of the office growth and development in the metro will take place in Gateway over the next 5 to 10 years for all the reasons stated in the report.

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