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A beautiful view of the city from Grousse Mtn.


From Dtwn looking at the North Shore Mtns.


Looking at the North Shore Mtns from Kitsilano.


From about 30th Ave and S. Main St. Looking North


Can I just say that this was the most beautiful day in the world for photographing the most beautiful city in the world!


Ahh, the Science World. Its a neat building!


Facades of buildings facing the waterfront downtown. Also, you'll notice the expansive railyard and the Skytrains down there!


The pot culture is alive and well in Vancouver, as you notice here by the "420" carved out the snow. There will be more photos to come involving pot culture in Vancouver.


A lovely skyline shot from North vancouver looking across the Burrard Inlet.


Futuristic Vancouver with a Skytrain approaching the station.


An urban style Costco, WOW! I wish we had those down here in seattle, after all, the company is headquartered out of here!


It was unusually cold for Vancouver as evidenced by the icicles hanging from McDonalds. I loved it!


I love Chinatowns! Vancouver's is the best Ive ever been to!


First Nations artwork. My favorite! And, gotta sport the Canadien flag!


East Hastings was really scary! It was the most ghettoized section of any city Ive ever been to! I only snapped this one photo and got out of there quick!


Gastown is only a few blocks from East Hastings, yet feels worlds away! I love the Harbour Centre viewpoints from Gastown!


I wish they sold Cuban cigars in the U.S. Stupid embargo B.S. Canada is awesome!


That steam clock is really neat. I like Gastown a lot!


A really neat alleyway viewpoint of the Harbour Centre from Gastown again!

And now a testament to the tolerance of Vancouver:




You gotta love the pot cafes! I went inside and they're really classy and comfortable!


Commercial Drive was blast as well! I had some really good gelato there!


And yet another headshop in the city over on Commercial Drive! Thats one cool place...

All-in-all, Vancouver was the coolest place to visit! I had gone through it before, but this was my first time really touring the city! I wish I could live there, and who knows, maybe one day I will!

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Vancouver is really fantastic indeed!! Thanks for sharing these. You are fortunate to live so very close to this city. I love Vancouver!

What's with that "New Amsterdam Cafe"? Is it a real coffeeshop? Looks like you can only get acessoires, but not the actual pot itself.

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Well, its the second best thing to Amsterdam in North America. They dont sell pot perse, but you can smoke it all you want and they sell accessories and food. But they wont sell you actual bud, they'll refer you to dealers for refer. LOL. And after all, Vancouver's nickname is Vansterdam!

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