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Official "Congratulations Hankster" thread


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Amen to that. Congrats, Hank. Nice to know that smooth talk mechanism is still working. I can see it now; you picked up one of those shiny little mint cans at the Terrazo sales center, tied it to a string and began a gentle swing in front of her eyes. "You love me, you will marry me, you're getting sleepy, you will wake up to the sound of a bulldozer."

All our best to you Hank. We'll save an extra seat for you at the meets. Hope the Mrs. can visit too, we need a good counterbalance sometimes.


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Today's the BIG day my friend, :yahoo: good luck and may the good Lord himself bless you and your wife today. Hopefully yall won't bust your butts on the way to your ride to start your honeymoon. :rofl: Anyways, good luck on your new life as a married man, lord knows your gunna need it. :thumbsup:

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