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Saginaw Water Treatment Plant Request


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Does anyone have any good photos of the Saginaw Water Treatment Plant? Also, where is it, and does anyone know the architects and builders involved in this interesting structure? I've never seen a more beautiful building with such a usage. We have an historic water treatment plant here in downtown Lansing, but of a totally different style than Saginaw's. These are from the times that design meant just as much, if not more, sometimes, than function.

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It's located on Ezra Rust and S. Washington. Right across the street from the Japanese gardens and Objibway Island. That whole area in general one gorgeous civic center. The parks, the zoo, large homes, beautiful churches, with the Waterworks the center of it all. A shame the area has had its downs with the island looking a bit more run down than usual, and the closure of the waterpark.

I have many photos of the facility you can have. The building is open for tours if you ever head up there, and of course bring your camera. Lansing can't be that far is it? In fact there is a mileage sign to Lansing directly in front of the waterworks building.

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