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Thought this was a neat thing going on and worthy of letting others know about it. There is an Earthrace Party going on at 10 Storehouse Row at the Navy Yard in Noisette.

Please join us in welcoming the guys from Earthrace to Charleston. These brave souls have abandoned their cozy, predictable, dry lives and traveled from New Zealand by water to make a full force attempt at breaking the world speedboat record for circling the globe. The catch? These earth-lovers will be racing exclusively on BIODIESEL. They have chosen OUR fantastic southern city as the rest & relax stop for a few weeks with their one-of-a-kind trimaran.

To kick off their visit, join us February 2nd... Meet the guys, help support their cause, listen to their cool accents, check out their documentary, eat some delicious food, drink some cold bevs and connect with like minded, progressive, environmentally conscious peeps.

And if you haven't been to an event at 10 Storehouse Row yet, you are in for a treat.

7:00pm -- Viewing of "Part One: Riches to Rags," a documentary showing the struggles and triumph of getting this project started.

8:00 pm -- Q&A with the crew about biodiesel, their mission and their unbelievable trimaran powerboat.

9:00 pm until ... Biodiesel Brewhaha

For tickets and other info, please visit www.CharlestonsMostUnique.com or call 843.478.1615.

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This sounds like nice environmentally conscious event and I'm sure the good people of Charleston will extend some southern hospitality to our visitors. Hopefully they'll enjoy themselves enough to return in the future. Check out the biodiesel watercraft posted by MikesLogic,it's awesome!

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