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Rating games of death and despair


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This is a question. A question for the ages. And for ages after those as well. But all is not well.

The question. In a game of "Who, indeed, posseses the skylines that are most intimidating, the skylines that remind you the most of the AWESOME AND UNQUENCHABLE power of these burgeoning metropolises, the skylines that impress, express, and cause you to make a mess, (which would be best)" who would be the winner. Who would take the place of second, third, fourth, and fitfth? Who straggles behind the rest of the pack like a wounded puppy running after a group of 2 year old cheetahs?

Metropolises of greater than a million members of their masses, but less than one-and-a-half million inhabitants.

In the battle of

Charlotte, queen of the Carolinas and killer of sea whales,

Nashville, home of brain dead country music singers and Vanderbilt superiority complexes,

Birmingham, home of a big naked statue and some abandoned-ass factories,

Memphis, the Cairo of the south,

New Orleans, the London of the Northeast,

Raleigh, the Moscow of the Pacific Northwest,

Richmond, a city that used to be way more important than it is now,

Louisville, the Montreal of Northern Mexico,


Jackonville, the Ville in which resides in Jackson,

Which is on top? Which is on bottom? Which is right in the DAMN middle? Which are big and which are little? Which are first base and which play second fiddle? Which are dense and which are brittle?

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