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UP|Virginia Beach Calendar

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Since there seems to be relative interest in particular events going on in Virginia Beach and Norfolk I've decided to add a calendar to both forums. To get there you need to click "Calendar" on the yellow bar. The default view is for Providence, RI, so you have to go to the list at the bottom and select the UP{sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}}Virginia Beach link.

This will help track local events. This will be especially helpful for tracking planning commission and design review meetings, and civic league meetings. Members may also post more social events such as sports events concerts, etc.

Here are the rules:

  • New Members (those with 10 or fewer posts) are not allowed to add events to the calendar. Feel free to submit events to this thread and I can add them to the calendar.

  • Regular members (those with 100 or fewer posts) can submit events to the calendar, however they go into a moderation queue and I have to approve the events to make them show.

  • Members+ (those with more than 100 posts) can post directly to the calendar without events going into a queue.

There is an RSS feed of the calendar available here. The RSS feed exports up to 50 items for the next 31 days. The RSS feed will update itself every 4 hours to display any items added/changed/deleted in the previous 4 hours.

If anyone needs any help with this feature, or is too lazy to post the event themselves, please post here and I can help you out.

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