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Blizzard 07


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I don't have any pictures but I have a story. I braved the elements Friday to travel to the Muskegon Film Festival. By the time me and my girlfriend got there we only had time to see one movie but we planned to be there all day the next day so we paid the $52 to buy the two day passes. The next day the weather was horrible, but we still tried to make the drive from GR to Muskegon. As soon as I pulled out from my parking lot I realized I couldn't see 20 feet in front of me to the traffic light ahead. I realized there was no way I could make it to Muskegon. So that one movie I saw Friday night became the most expensive movie ever! I was less than happy with the weather this weekend, as well as the people who decided the film festival should be in February.

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hey, thanks for posting the pics! I love to see images from home. We are stuck in the monotony of Arizona weather. Alot of people there probabally want this kind of weather real bad. But I'd do just about anything to be back home.

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