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State seeking input for U.S. 10 upgrade


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They are criticizing ramps and interchange designs that really aren't all that bad. And many of them have received a good amount of maintenace already. The concrete on US-10 is a bit newer than the greater part of US-23 through Genesee Co. Maybe about 10 years old or so? That's still pretty new for concrete. It's a smooth ride. I'm looking for the justifications for improving it, but I don't see any. M-30 is in Sanford. In fact my friend lives off M-30. I've experienced those ramps and they are fine.

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I think that US-10 could stand an upgrade or two. The cloverleaf at US-10 and I-75 is nasty; I'm surprised they haven't tried to acquire more land and put in "flyover" ramps. It might be a tight squeeze, but I could see a better exit being shoehorned in there.

Also, the M-47 junction is kind of like a cloverleaf cut in half - when you take the ramp from WB US-10 to SB M-47, you're cutting across traffic that's entering US-10 from M-47 NB. I would turn this exit into a "trumpet" ( http://kurumi.com/roads/interchanges/trumpet.html ).

Thirdly, I would try to increase capacity a little bit at the Mackinaw Rd. and Garfield Rd. exits. It sure wouldn't hurt any.

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