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American Byways is a web-site that features recreation, travel and town guides for Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee and West Virginia. My goal of the project is to make aware the niche and natural destinations that are often just a short drive down a back road or down the urban boulevard.

Today's update comes from Louisville, Kentucky's "Museum Row", or the West Main District. A stroll through the West Main District of Louisville, Kentucky is akin to walking through the bustling SoHo district of New York City. Boasting the largest number of cast-iron facades (Downtown) outside of the Big Apple, the vast majority of the activity occurs on Main Street. Within the several blocks that this district covers is a collection of notable museums, boasting such icons as the Frazier International History Museum, Glassworks, Louisville Slugger Museum and the new Muhammad Ali Center. Museum Plaza, a 62-story avant-garde skyscraper, is also planned for the district, which will bring much attention and focus when construction begins in 2007.


This guide focuses on the Muhammad Ali Center, a six-story structure dedicated to a person who has touched individuals across the world by making it his mission to promoting respect, hope and understanding and to inspire others to "be as great as they can be." It also covers the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft, which features unique collections and exhibits from local, national and international artists. It also boasts a wonderful gift shop with many hand-crafted textiles, jewelry, wood, ceramics, glass and metal.


I have uploaded many photographs of the Muhammad Ali Center and the Kentucky Center for Art and Craft, and added extensive information about the museums. It is worth a drive to see both, and the other destinations that are nearby! Within walking distance from each other is the Louisville Slugger Museum, the Louisville Science Center, the Frazier International History Museum, and the Kentucky Center for the Arts. This is the initial installment; I hope to continue to add more to it as time permits!

Enjoy :)

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