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Flint, Michigan

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I was on my way back to Ann Arbor, so I figured for once I'd stop and take some pictures of downtown Flint. Unfortunately, it was getting late, my camera was set on auto, and the roads were icy. So I was in constant motion taking these pictures. I figured to make them post-worthy, they would need to be photoshopped a bit. Especially the blurry ones. Hope you enjoy.


Coming attractions: None


Genesee Towers looms in the distance. A sign beneath it warns of falling concrete.


Window Art


Mott Foundation


Saginaw St.


Believe it or not, the ground floor facade on the corner building to the left is brand new.


More Saginaw St. Bldgs


"I want some of your brown suga...." nvm..


Looking back towards the city center. The vacant, but soon to be renovated (hopefully) Durant hotel stands to the left. A massive hole is visible in the center of downtown when planners once though surface parking would bring success.


Odyssey House. Really?


Advertisement on an optical shop. Didn't know Rhino brand made glasses..er scopes


Forgot the name of the building on the left


The lights are on, but no one's home


Apartment building close to downtown


Apartment building close to downtown.


Dryden building. Renovated in 2004


Saginaw St. Businesses


Masonic Temple


Newer addition to the back of the Genesee County Courthouse.

Tha end

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I get better vibes in Flint than I do in Saginaw. I don't know, UofM really needs a kick in the pants to jump start some "sense of place" projects in downtown. Saginaw Street has seen some amazing progress though, and that's exciting to see!

I'm going to have to make an extensive visit to the city once it gets to at least -10 outside.

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Great pics Wolv. Downtown isnt looking to shabby these days, ill have to stop at the Brown Sugar Cafe one day, ive wanted to for a while, but never got the chance.

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Drove through downtown today. I was pleasantly surprised. Sunny, cold and clear- The Mott Building looked especially nice today.

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