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Whither GrowSmartRI?


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I thought I would break off a separate discussion from the Quonset thread. Our virtual prom queen ms. coleslaw brought up a point about why GS cares about Quonset so much but don't lift a finger for all of the other strip mall developments.

Then dexter said:

And yes, GS should help out with the nasty strip development, and the free standing little box developments, that happen in the cities. They were great about the CVS in the Bucket, but we have Walgreen's invading Prov in a way that really can change the view of the city. What's up GS???
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while i'm not familiar with the walgreens in question, there are many other walgreens and CVS's that have been allowed and are still being allowed that should have been forced to build smarter.

i don't even know what growsmartRI does (if anything), but for the state to grow smart, the cities need to grow up rather than out before there's too much awful development in the suburbs. as far as strip malls are concerned, why not start with them and build them right rather than allow for crappy strip malls anywhere? i think they should be promoting smart development everywhere in the state, not just outside of providence. and yes, why not attack that walgreens and try to get them to build better?

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