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Detroit Neighborhood Map


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I have always found the neighborhoods of Detroit to be one of the most interesting and fascinating aspects of the community. Many have changed drastically over the years while some have not changed at all. In the past, I have looked to find a good neighborhood map, preferrably one available in print to put up on my wall.

Online searching has yielded very few results. This site is quite comprehensive but is outlined in basic html and is not really what I'm looking for:


There a few other sites out there with some basic maps, usually of specific neighborhoods but not citywide.

However, there is a site in Chicago that makes custom, hand-drawn neighorhood maps. They're called Big Stick, Inc and they have created maps for Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis and many other cities throughout the country. I've seen their Chicago maps in person and they are phenomenal. They reseach their information extensively and put a lot of personal touches into each map they make.

On their "Contact Us" page, they have a an email address for which you can request that they map your city. I emailed them over the weekend to request Detroit and they responsed with this:


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