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[Wheeling] Downtown developments


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Here is some good news!

A $70,000 Plan for Downtown Wheeling

Notes --

1. The city has pointed to recent downtown developments as reason enough to hire another company to create a Conceptual Development Plan for the downtown. City officials recently traveled to Pittsburgh to meet with the Environmental Planning and Design firm -- a front-runner who could receive a $70,000 bid to develop a plan for downtown Wheeling.

1a. The firm has been responsible for planning and redevelopment in the Sunnyside area of Morgantown and the Southside area of Pittsburgh.

2. The goal is to tie the downtown area with Center Wheeling -- the Heritage Port Study Area. The boundaries will be from Market to Main Street, 12th Street to WestBanco Arena -- and include the intermodal parking lot ( :dunno: ), the Robrecht Building and the Straub Honda Building. It will border the Ohio River and Wheeling Creek.

3. It has been nine years since the city last spent "a dime" on creating a plan for downtown. Since then, dozens of buildings have been bought, sold or adaptively reused.

4. In a report released by the Wheeling

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Horray! Progress! :angry:

Fast Service Building To Be Demolished

Notes --

1. The former Fast Service Center on Main Street, and the former Bugsy's building -- both historical structures -- will be demolished by the end of June. Both buildings were closed by city officials last year due to building code violations. The owners were given the option to repair or demolishe them.

1a. John Barnes, owner of the Fast Service Center, decided to demolish the property instead of preform costly repairs. Barnes has worked at the Center for over four decades -- a business started by his dad in 1950. Repair estimates were over $60,000.

2. Meanwhile, the city will begin demolition soon on the former Koffee Shop and Friebertshauser buildings on Market Street Plaza -- that caught fire last year.

Article information: "Fast Service Building To Be Demolished, By CASEY JUNKINS, Wheeling News-Register, 6/4/7"

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