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[Harpers Ferry] Recent news regarding parking, land preservation


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Parking woes worry merchants

It's no secret that businesses have decline in sales during the off-season, much like near the Smokey Mountains and pretty much any other major destination. But to blame it on parking? :rolleyes:

Article information: "Parking woes worry merchants, By CHRIS BROWN, The Journal [Martinsburg], February 5, 2007"


Harpers Ferry land donated for park

Article information: "Harpers Ferry land donated for park, By CHRIS BROWN, The Journal [Martinsburg], February 2, 2007"

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Harpers Ferry dedicates train station

Notes --

1. On April 28, 2007, the renovated 2,500 sq. ft. Harpers Ferry train station opened.

1a. It features a waiting room, two restrooms, a ticket office, meeting room and exhibit room (with a fireplace and has an exhibit of "All Aboard: The Baltimore & Ohio Harpers Ferry Railroad Station").

2. The restoration cost $2.2 million $1.89 million came in from federal funding secured by Senator Robert C. Byrd, and state funds.

3. It will serve as a 'tourism flagship' for Amtrak and MARC.

4. The station fell into disrepair in the 1960s. The foundation was in poor shape, the tower was removed, and there was a 14-inch sag in the roof.

Article information: "Harpers Ferry dedicates train station, By SHERREE CASPER, The Journal [Martinsburg], 4/29/2007"

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