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Cornerstone Project, New Buffalo


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Sorry, I don't have a picture but I saw the site this summer. There isn't much to see, it was just a large fruit market that seemed to be under a tent or some kind of open air building. It was across US-12 for the rest of the downtown so this will be a nice extension to DT.

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Here is a picture of the fruit market that used to be there. I also took some pictures of some buildings on Whitaker and some condos. I was only there for about 15 minutes so I did not get alot. I have not been there for a while and I did not realize that there were still so many condos. I took some pics of those as well. That is pretty much all there is in New Buffalo. I think the developer for this project and most of the projects in town just retired. However, I think they found someone else to finish all of the projects that he had started. The continuation of the condoization of New Buffalo and the rest of harbor country should continue because the casino will open soon in NB.

The site of the development


The building across the street











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