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Uptown Charlotte Outlook

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Hello Folks,

Long time reader, first time poster.

What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of living and owning in uptown?

I'm getting ready to sign a contract on a high-rise condo in uptown, and I'm getting the last minute jitters.

My thoughts:


1. 2nd largest banking city in the nation with a number of other Fortune 500 companies.

2. Growing population in a rather under-developed uptown means lots more room to grow.

3. Decent night life, great restaurants and developing necessities (e.g., Target near Kings Dr. and entertainment center in the Epicentre).

4. At $300-$500 per sq ft now, relatively well-priced and should appreciate well in 5-10 years.

5. Great sports and arts around uptown means there is a lot to do for all types of folks.

Cons (Risks)

1. Is $300-$500 per sq ft really well-priced?

2. Risk of one of the two banks leaving - although unlikely, but could Wachovia be bought and moved?

3. Is Charlotte in general a growing story of Atlanta 5-10 years ago or a bubble story with too much residential development?

I would greatly appreciate your comments on these thoughts or your new ideas!

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