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Fruit & Veggie store opens


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In another sign of life in the Third St neighborhood business located between Houston and Merrill, a fruit and vegetable store opened last Saturday. Named Fruteria Aguilar, after the proprietor Luis Aguilar, the store has a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables with a heavy Hispanic flavor. In addition to fruits and vegetables the store also has some dry goods and spices available. It will be open daily from 8 a.m. - 7 p.m and is located at 1141 Third St, across from the Betten Body Shop. As somone who lives downtown Muskegon this is great news as anytime one realized they were in need of a fruit or vegetable a 6 mile round trip was in order :yahoo:




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Today Mr. Aguilar's building opened again, this time as Taqueria Aguilar. My wife and I enjoyed the grand opening special on the tacos and they were delicious. Also had an interesting tamarind drink. And while there had been no mention, or advertising of the grand opening, people were streaming in both for takeout and to sit down. Should be a great neighborhood hangout!



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The building has a much brighter paint job now:


I'm not a big fan of those colors but I do always talk to people about how places need to have more vibrant colors so they stand out to people driving past. So even though I don't personally like the colors I think it's better then having a building painted gray or white or something.

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