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question for Londoners

Wild Style

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Bloomberg put out a report on the state of NYC and the report stated that in 10 yrs time NYC will lose its relevance as the financial capital of the world. They said the market is shifting to London, Dubai and Hong Kong.

I want to know from the Londoners have they noticed a up tick in London's development and economy. If so can you spell some of them out for us also for any US ex pats in London how do you find it over there?

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UK (although mainly England) just had a very interesting (although not all that great) review of its planning and property system, the Barker report found that London has the highest rents of any major city in the world, higher than Tokyo, New York, and Hong, I guess this suggests success. It has always been a boom place, and was of course for about 200 years by far the largest city in the western hemisphere.

But London is hellishly expensive, chronically under-infrastructured and always seems like its literally falling apart to me (I guess it might be the same in New York though!). Londons

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