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Airlines & Destinations from your City's Airport!

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Here are some of the airlines that serve the Honolulu International Airport:

1 Air Canada Air

2 Air France

3 Air Kiribati (?)

4 Air Nauru (?)

5 Air Pacific Airways

6 Air Transat

7 All Nippon Airways

8 Aloha Airlines

9 America West

10 American Airlines

11 American Trans Air

12 Asiana Airlines

13 China Airlines

14 Continental Air Micronesia

15 Continental Airlines

16 Coral Pacific Air/Sun Country

17 Delta Airlines

18 EVA Air

19 Garuda Indonesia

20 Harlequin Air

21 Hawaiian Air

22 Island Air

23 Japan Air Charter

24 Japan Air System

25 Japan Airlines

26 JTB Aloha Service

27 Korean Airlines

28 Malaysian Airlines

29 New Zealand

30 North American

31 NorthWest Airlines

32 Omni Air International

33 Pacific Wings

34 Philippine Airlines

35 Phoenix Air

36 Polynesian Airlines

37 Qantas Airlines

38 Rich International

39 Royal Aviation

40 Royal Tongan

41 Singapore Airlines

42 Suntrips/Skyservice USA/Ryan International

43 United Airlines

44 World Airways

45 Fly Blue Hawaii Airlines *soon

46 HMY Airways *soon

(?) *don

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Here's more that serive hawaii:

Aerolineas Argentinas

LAN - Chile Airlines

Lufthansa - German Airlines

Swiss International Airlines

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That list is amazing.Sydney has around 50 international airlines flying into Kingsford Smith Airport.A successful recent newcomer a few years back is Emirates Airlines which has one stop services from Europe to Australian cities.The stopover is Dubai,in the UAR.I like the look of the Honolulu Airport in the picture,thanks for the pic. :o

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G'day Kota16! I wish i had more pics of the airport but good pics of it are hard to find online it seems there have been quite a few changes with that airport over the years. :P

I wonder if Honolulu also has like an Air Brazil or Mexico cause there are thousands that come from those countries to Hawaii every year too then again they might be flying over on connecting flights or airlines like Chile or Argentina Airlines?

Also, is this time of year one of the larger travel periods for Aussies and Kiwis? Mainly because i had an assignment/job to do in Waikiki today and i noticed a lot of Aussies and Kiwis down there! I love it though such nice and fun people!

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Nice list, very impressive.

What Hawaii lacks in proximity they make up for in connectivity ;)

The lower 48 (except for maybe Kennedy, O'Hare and LAX) would never be able to make such a boast (you can just get in your car and drive to Cleveland if you want try driving to Pearl!).

I have wondered though what kind of flights arrive in Hilo, is it ONLY Hon. and Hilo or does each island have some intl. flights? Also I bet thats a world class airport to have that much volume (not to mention being a layover for every flight from asia to NA and vice versa), Alas I never see it in the top 3 when Conde Nast ranks the nations best airports (Pittsburgh, Denver, Tampa, Orlando are the consistent top 5).


Let me know on that island airport? and the size and "modern" status of the main International terminal. Thanx.

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Are you just asking about Hilo and its status?

Anyhow Maui's Kahului Airport recieves International flights on the Big Island Hilo and Kona recieve International Flights and on Kauai Lihue does as well. However they do not have no where near as many as that arrive in Honolulu majority of the time they will fly and stay in Honolulu for a few days then hop to another island but there are direct flights from international destinations to the other airports ive mentioned.

BTW in 2003 i think Honolulu International ranked #9 according to Conde Nast ;) Besides its only based on the opinions of Conde Nast readers or the like that participated in their polls. I serioulsy wouldn't put that much stock into something like this.

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Also with aircraft being able to fly longer hours in the air due to better engines many dont have to stop in Hawaii anymore when travelling over the Pacific. However its still a huge stop for people travelling in the Pacific Rim which includes the South Pacific from Papua New Guinea to New Zealand, Samoa, Tahiti, where ever as well as Asia and for people travelling to those destinations. and well its Hawaii people from every country around the world travel here or have travelled here its known around the world. Strange thing is even people from other tropical places travel to Hawaii to for vacations ie: The Caribbean to the South Pacific Islands to the Seychelles & Comoros in the Indian Ocean to the many regions of Africa ie: Guinea Bissau, Botswana, Madagascar, Togo, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, etc etc! :P Its a really awesome sight in all honesty its sort of like a meeting ground for the world in the middle of the sea!

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