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As usual, I have been thinking about a career change. One of the areas I am really interested in is Urban Design. Not Urban Planning, which is more regulatory, and not Architecture, which is more about the buildings than the space between them. But in looking at schools and degree programs and such, I have discovered - there's no such thing!

Now, it seems some schools offer masters program that are like Masters of Urban Design in Architecture, or Urban Design in Landscape Architecture. Yet ultimately these are still closely related to architecture or something else. It's as though no one really wants to consider urban design as a subject in and of itself - you are either someone who designs a building and maybe has a little more interested in how that building fits on, or maybe you are into landscaping but want to do it in an urban context. But urban design seems to be more of an afterthought than a true area of interest. Perhaps we need to start thinking about urban design on it's own. Maybe that is why there is so much poor development, particularly suburban development, soimply because no one will tackle the issue head on.

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