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PROPOSED: Weybosset Street Parking Facility

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Can't say I'd oppose a garage there, seems to be a good location. I would not however want to see Orange Street closed down in this location if the garage is planning to span Orange. Also the garage needs to look good and have ground floor retail.

The name sounds like one of those automated lift jobs. We were just looking and joking about a brochure advertising a system like that the other day here at work.

Of course if you listen to people on the East Side parking garages are impossibly expensive to build, no one would ever be able to afford one and make it profitable. :rolleyes:

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Just by the sound of it I don't have high hopes - but I would agree that retail is a MUST. The street already has one parking garage and with two you can forget about having life on the side of downtown. I would much rather see a building in that spot or a mix parking, office, retail.

It was a Paolino lot but I don't know if it was sold etc.

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The current plan has no retail however the DRC indicated they wanted retail. The current "tower" is 150 feet, 200 or so car spots and if it DID haver retail it would be would be taller. No real design was shown but they hinted they wanted to try to blend in.

Obviously the project manager was pushing for no retail and no matter what retail they design into the parking tower (if they come back with a proposal) the way this lift system works it wont be full ground floor retail but rather spots that are 25 feet deep.

If the city down the road allows for no retail I think you can forget about that street ever having life/ foot traffic.

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That is really awesome, and I'd totally like that kind of uniqueness (at least for New England/USA) in this city.

But, I have to ask, doesn't it get really inefficient during peak hours when everyone is entering and/or leaving?

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I'll second that. If it meets these conditions, I'd be all for a garage here. If nothing else, it would make development on all those surface lots more desirable.

It's way too early to speculate on what this might look like, but a mechanical lift garage wouldn't need acres of ramps. that would probably give the facade design more flexibility.

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This is back before DRC:


4:45 PM

Department of Planning and Development, 4th Floor Conference Room

400 Westminster Street, Providence, RI 02903

DRC Application No. 07.11: 87 Weybosset Street - parking lot Conceptual review of the proposal to construct a new mechanical parking garage with a

commercial liner building along Weybosset Street. This item was continued from the DRC meeting on September 9, 2007.

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"The developer’s proposal envisions that at night, the towers would be “lit from inside, they will glow like beacons in the city’s nightscape.”

The project would cost $5 million, and would take roughly three months to construct, Dodd said.

The plan received conceptual approval from Providence’s Downcity District Design Review Committee Monday night, and may return for final approval next month. Dodd hopes to have the structure open for business by the summer. "


then again ..

“We picked Rhode Island because it’s the toughest state in the country for regulatory, building, and fire codes,” he said. “We’re using Rhode Island to help us get through the rest of the country.”

lol that turned my frown upside down

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