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Bike Time Downtown Muskegon


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Well I think this is good for Muskegon of course. Yet another summer event to draw people downtown. But I wonder where everyone is going to stay. I sounds like at a minimum there will be a need for a couple thousand hotel rooms or camp sites.

I think it's time the Holiday Inn starts building an addition. :)

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I'm not going to get into the details but Michigan HAS a helmet law (requiring a rider to wear one) and all of the ajoining states don't. A function like Bike Week in Daytona gathers 300,000 bikers. Do you see the majority of them riding into Michigan but stopping to buy a helmet first? Not likely.

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I agree with the Helmet Law standing in the way of Bike Time becoming like Sturgis. Those who are used to riding without a helmet are going to think twice about coming and having to strap one on. Me amd my husband both feel that it should be our choice..... We are from Grand Rapids, Mi., but have traveled out of state on weekends to ride, just so we don't have to wear the helmet. Everyone needs to band together more to get the no helmet law passed in Mi. and we would be able to see more revenue coming into our state. We have been riding for 20 years and have spent a lot of money in other states because of this. Everyone needs to write to Granholm and get this passed. She's all into getting money into our economy in Michigan. I truley believe that the helmet Law will be the link between it turning into an event like sturgis, or not.

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