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Colorado Photo of the Day


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Those are decent photos of Denver. I've seen a few of them on the KCPhotos website before.

I don't care if Republic Plaza is just a white glass and concrete box, I love that building. I don't know why? I think it's the height... I have skyscraper envy LOL.

Meh... I just love Denver.


Ocala, FL? When did that happen. Does that mean Colorado is no longer in the cards for you RT?

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Ocala, FL? When did that happen. Does that mean Colorado is no longer in the cards for you RT?

I usually keep this updated with my current location, so you may see it change quite often. Ocala is only temporary. Moving to COS is still a possibility. In fact, I finally (after nearly three years waiting) had my first official interview for the job that would bring me there this past week. I'll probably find out the outcome of that interview in another 2-3 years. :rolleyes:

If I don't end up moving to COS, then I'll be headed for either Cary, NC; Round Rock, TX; or Fishers, IN, most likely.

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wow that's a fairly urban lookin pic. Downtown Denver is pretty expansive isn't it? I mean Denver is a larger-midsize metro area but it has a fairly well defined downtown, am I correct?

Yeah... I love Downtown Denver. I have several more that I don't think I've posted on UP yet. I'll get around to it LOL. That first link in this thread has some great stuff, though. Better than any pictures I've ever taken. It never occured to me to take my helicopter with me when I go to Denver.


Interesting pic Timbuktuna. I got a few similar photos from near The Gazette building a few months ago, but it seems like it's really hard to find a decent location to get a shot of downtown from that angle. It looked interesting out with that haze today.

I've managed to take a ton of decent photos from in and around downtown COS over the last two day's, I'm just trying to locate the cord to connect my camera to my computer so I can get them off of there. It's amazing the amount of demolition going on around downtown... hopefully... remolition... is not too far behind. I made up a word.

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ok you can do that, I think you'd do better to put it in the Colorado section though, because if People from CS want to look at the pics they have a better chance of finding them here. If you want I can move them. It's up to you. I'd reccomend it, it'd help build a community for CS in here perhaps.

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I think that building is called The Acacia Apartments. It's definately one of my favorites downtown, along with the one immediately west of it (across Tejon). I've heard it's a senior citizens community, which is too bad because it would be a great building to put some reasonably priced apartments in.

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Well... I wasn't able to get any good photos of the storm today. Pretty much the entire thing came and went during my shift... but I think this slide show from Denver's KUSA-TV of a 40-car pile up between Colorado Springs and Denver on I-25 sums up today in Colorado in pictures.

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All right, time to dig back into the archives LOL...

It's hard to remember what I've posted here already and what I haven't...

The Wells Fargo Tower in Colorado Springs last summer as seen from the median on Cascade Avenue.


Okay, I'll post two today.

The Qwest Building in Denver.


Okay, Three...

The Qwest Building in Colorado Springs, LOL... and the house I totally want to buy. I think it's zoned commercial, actually...


The weather is supposed to be agreeable this weekend... maybe I should plan a day in Downtown Denver? I'm getting more comfortable with photographing people and not fearing they are going to scream "WHY THE F*CK ARE YOU TAKING A PICTURE OF ME?!?" and chase me down the street with a crow bar. We'll see... if not this weekend, soon...

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While Colorado Springs is not lacking in natural beauty by any stretch, as far as I'm concerned, one of the most beautiful and tranquil get away's in the city is Monument Valley Park. In particular the ponds just south of Uintah Street.

We got a good, much needed soaking rain most of yesterday (Saturday 3/25), but by evening the sun had returned and I decided to stop in the park for a walk.




Monument Valley Park is long and narrow, and runs from downtown northward just east of I-25. The park turns 100 years old this week. The Gazette happened to have an article about it today.

... and just for the heck of it. I took this picture on the top level of the parking garage above the bus station last August.


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