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LUMA..I have a question for you

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Well, you get high speed internet service through any old ISP. Then, you buy a wireless router, plug it into the cable modem, and if your laptop has a wireless card, you should be able to set up a wireless network using the software that comes with the router.

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^^^ basically what he said. If you have Comcast cable already it should be cost effective to tack on internet service to your existing line. DSL will require a landline, which may be of significance if you don't have regular telephone service. Here is a good place to hunt for a local provider. Also (as dtown said) you're going to want a router/firewall/access point of some flavor. I like this one because it's cheap and runs on a solid platform (and can run hacked up firmware if you're ambitious). You'll plug your DSL/cable modem into it and you will then be able to plug your desktop into it while also using the wireless on your laptop. Pretty straightforward affair all around. PM me if you run into problems.

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