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International Students in the Region

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Here's a map and some statistics of international students that were enrolled in universities and colleges in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Marianas and US Virgin Islands in 2006. There's no American Samoa.


National ranking which includes D.C. and number of students:

#23. Hawaii: 6,902

#47. Puerto Rico: 1,041

#52. Alaska: 454

#53. Guam: 115

#54. Virgin Islands of the U.S.: 112

Here is the full list for other states-> Click Here

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Oops nevermind I think that the stats also include high schools, etc. like exchange students.

Here are the number of schools that had international students in 2006:


Hawaii: 91

Puerto Rico: 41

Alaska: 25

Guam: 10

Virgin Islands of the U.S.: 7

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