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Raleigh's looking for a new Police chief

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I would like Chief Perlov's community policing initiative to continue. The district system is exactly what RPD needed at the time it was implemented. There has been some resistance among some officers, but the Andy Taylor/Barney Fife/Mayberry centralized system was not going to work any more. Calls for service at Brier Creek, Wakefiled, etc. would be terrible if the force was still based at the West Hargett location.

The cooperation between district 24 and my CAC has been mutually beneficial. The officers can get information people would otherwise feel afraid of presenting. Residents can often convey issues of mistreatment, etc. directly to the district captain directly, as he attended most meetings.

Going forward, it would be nice to have RPD use techology like Charlotte's Community crime information system. RPD has never directly released this data to the public. A few years ago, arrest reports were all on paper, so presenting the data in a meaningful way would be difficult. But with the system they use now, there is a way of generating this data. The districts get a breakdown of part I and II crimes over the last week and year, and how that compares to last year and multi-year trends. Currently RPD won't release the data because residents might "take it the wrong way."

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