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Changes at Mall at GH?


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I was at the mall most of the afternoon and all around it. There are zoning signs practically everywhere over there. Amending the UDO, Planning Commission, March 6 meeting. There are signs behind the mall, in the lawn of the retired teachers tower, all along the little strip of houses that are businesses now behind the mall, even the Exxon station lot in front of the parking deck. Literally all over the place. Wonder what's going on. I guess the mall is about to do what we've heard they were going to do a while back, say something big.

The Hill Center is moving along rapidly and I think is going to be everything it's advertised to be. It looks like a town street lined with good looking buildings with not much parking in site anywhere because of the hidden decks. This is going to be quite the place I think. I know I like the mix of stores so far.

Bedford Commons is looking really good too. Everything to the street, good buildings, sturdy materials. Overall good look. Seems to be lots more on the way. Most of the houses left on that street are either empty or not looking too good right now.

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Does anyone know how to check out the Metro web site to see what's on the Planning Commission agenda for March 6?

Has anybody from this forum been through there in the past few days to see if there are any other signs up with more info?

Is that gas station still at the corner of Hillsboro Rd? Does that property have a rezoning sign on it?

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They have not posted the agenda yet as far as I can tell. Here is the link to the planning Commision.


Are you sure about the date? I dont think there is a meeting March 6th.

Board Meetings


Metro Planning Commission

WHEN: Second and Fourth THURSDAYS of the month

CONTACT: Rick Bernhardt, Executive Director

Location: Howard Office Building Auditorium

There is a Metro Council on March 6th.

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