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GA new transportation plan

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Guest donaltopablo

It's mostly roads, which is no big surprise. But it does include money for BRT from Midtown to Cobb and Acorss the Northern Arc of 285. Perdue also says he is supporting commuter rail.

Perdue unveils $15.5 billion transportation plan


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 04/14/04

Gov. Sonny Perdue unveiled a six-year, $15.5 billion statewide transportation plan Wednesday morning during a hastily convened meeting of the state's major transportation agencies, boards and legislative committees.

The governor's "Fast-Forward" transportation plan would complete 18 years of work in a third of that time, Perdue said Wednesday.




About $7.9 billion is to be spent in metro Atlanta, with the remaining $7.6 billion being spent across the rest of the state.

The plan would incorporate $3 billion in GARVEE bonds, which borrow against future federal grants. The GARVEE loans will pay for the expansion of HOV lanes in metro Atlanta as well as interstate and interchange improvements throughout the state.

The bonds are similar to the $4.5 billion in GARVEE bonds proposed by former Gov. Roy Barnes; that proposal drew a lawsuit from opponents of the controversial Northern Arc highway that would have traversed north metro Atlanta. The state Supreme Court later ruled the financing tool was legal. The GARVEE bond program proposed by Perdue, however, will be smaller and less costly because the loans will be for shorter periods of time.

The largest chunk of the plan

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Atlanta gets the bare minimum, but meanwhile good old boys in south Georgia will get several more shiny new 4 lane highways to hold drag races or play chick on.

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