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"Industrial Wasteland" Photo Thread

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We've all heard it, from people from other states whose only experience of Jersey is driving through the Meadowlands on the Turnpike. They say things like,

"New Jersey smells."

"New Jersey is an industrial wasteland."

"New Jersey is full of oil refineries."

"New Jersey is nothing butta bunch of chemical plants."

Well those of us who live here know there's much more to Jersey than the stretch of the "Chemical Coast" along the Turnpike. Many of us may choose to argue that NJ has beautiful beaches, preserved natural highlands and pinelands, historic towns, villages and hamlets, and lots of other wonderful, beautiful things.

But we do have lots of industry. I, for one, think that much of NJ's industrial landscape is actually quite beautiful. The Pulaski Skyway, a massive structure of dark, black steel, is a beautiful monument to America's proud history of industry and innovation. So rather than being ashamed of "dirty Jersey" let's show it off!

I have a few pics of industrial landscapes I've taken and that I've found on the web. Share yours too!

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