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More Parking levels, less surface lots coming


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From Arbor Update:

City Council/DDA Work Session


1) DDA Mid-Winter Retreat Report:

* Existing off-street monthly parking permit shortage

* Create new parking spaces, preferably by adding onto existing structures and implementing the Fifth & Division project. Leave large open lots (S. Fifth Avenue lot, S. Ashley lot) available for future development

* Alter parking management, including discouraging employee parking subsidies

* Develop new alternative transportation options and incentives, including explorations into a new city trolley and additional downtown circulator

2) Immediate Projects

* Fifth & Division (brief presentation)

* Downtown parking study (brief presentation)

* Adding levels to Liberty Square and/or Ann Ashley

3) Other Topics for City Council Input

* Evening parking enforcement

* Removing City parking subsidies for City employees

* Developing a trolley system and/or commuter rail system

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Good to hear they plan on building on to existing structures... surface parking is a waste of valuable space in Ann Arbor. (Well, a waste in any downtown, but especially A2.)

Does anyone have more info on this trolley idea? It sounds exciting, but where would it run?

wolverine: They have to be referring to street parking; everything else is already enforced.

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Yeah, I got a taste of overnight parking in a ramp last night because I couldn't pull my car into the driveway due to a steep icy incline. The rate wasn't all that much. A lot cheaper than some of the U of M lots.

Not sure I've heard anything about the Trolley. Maybe it would run between the University and Main Street? Downtown and Briarwood?

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What is the Fifth and Division project, is it reducing the number of lanes project and increasing on street parking. At first I thought they already voted against it but I guess they just decided to wait. It took me a while to find the article but I knew that I read something about it in the paper. It seems to me that some members of the DDA are too obsessed with parking issues and not the overall development of downtown. Parking is a big issue but it should not be the be all and end all of every project.

DDA Members Balk at Plan

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To be honest, I dont think parking is all that serious of an issue downtown. I'm trying to think of a time I just could not find a space. People complain because they don't want to walk more than a block to get to a business. They should be worrying more about circulating traffic around the city, especially at North Main where it gets bottle necked, but I suppose that is out of the DDA's range.

BTW does anyone know if the underground parking structure behind the courthouse is capable of supporting more levels? I know to some people it looks like a surface lot, but there's actually more parking beneath. I guess if they could rip it out entirely and put a parking structure there. It would probably solve half of the parking issues in that area.

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Here's a little more I found on the trolley idea:

It makes me wonder though: where does one find room for a dedicated ROW anywhere in A2? Any road they pick will necessarily mean lowering automobile capacity and possibly street parking as well. That's sure to have people screaming.

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