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Hike West Virginia Tpk. tolls, transfer Tamarack to specialized entity


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Study: Hike turnpike tolls, cut Tamarack funding

I am in full support of the Tamarack, which offers a wide variety of arts and crafts from artisans that otherwise would have limited publicity. It is located at the Beckley Service Area along the West Virginia Turnpike in a unique structure. Some called for the Tamarack to be closed since it is a 'money-loser', however, it plays an integral part of the tourism industry to which other states have modeled their artisan centers after (e.g. Kentucky). The study recommends it be moved to a more specialized agency which may produce more benefits in the long-run. From the Wikipedia article I authored,

The Tamarack is a tourist destination located at the Beckley service area of the West Virginia Turnpike that features a red peaked roof and landscaped grounds that draw over 500,000 visitors annually [1]. It is a large arts and crafts outlet that features West Virginia crafted products, such as handcrafts, pottery, jewelery and fine arts, and products made from textiles, glass, metal, wood. There are live artisan demonstrations as well as live music, a theater, and storytelling performances. The food court features signature dining options from the Greenbrier Hotel. There are six resident artists on-site who give demonstrations throughout the day, and Tamarack boasts a 178-seat theatre for live musical, theater, dance and storytelling performances. The complex also boasts a conference center.
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