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Hotel near the Hospitial?


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I had a relative who had to have serious surgery at Greenville Memorial last week and some of the family came in from out of town to visit and attend to needs, etc. A couple of my wife's sisters eventually stayed at a Day's Inn on 291. After discussion that with another family member it occured to us that their is no hotel or or similar place for out of town relatives to stay within a short distance of Greenville Memorial. The proximity to the hospital and downtown seems like the perfect place to build a more economical hotel. Anyone know if the possibility of this has ever been looked into? Theirs a lot of places within walking distance of memorial that would be good locations.

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The Ramada Inn used to be very close (it was actually called "Ramada Inn Medical Center") until it closed. It was time for it to go, as it had run its course. With that becoming the Brie condos, I agree that there is definitely a market for a hotel or two in close proximity to the hospital. It is the largest in the state, after all! :thumbsup:

Here are the hotels listed on the "Visitors" section of the Greenville Memorial Hospital website:


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