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The Waikiki Beach Walk - The new place to be?


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Here's some pics and information from todays Honolulu Star Bulletin which did a special report on the new Waikiki Beach Walk.



The much-heralded, long-awaited Waikiki Beach Walk is open for business.

It was 96 percent leased by the end of December, and while not all the shops and restaurants have flung open their doors, many have and more are yet to come.

Clearly, the clientele will mostly be visitors, but Outrigger executives and many lessees are hopeful that local people will find the complex a destination worthy of their presence.


Vibrant architecture that has transformed the area.



"This project will cater to the wine-and-cheese crowd, the sushi-and-sake crowd and the beer-and-burger crowd. It has all the elements of success."

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"Locals" are proud of the fact that they "never go to Waikiki," because of the tourist nature of the place. Silly, I know!. In a local publication, they state reasons to go to the Waikiki Beachwalk. Mondo Gelato and Roy's Waikiki.

I personally love going to Waikiki. Its a great place to people watch. I especially like to watch the interactions between locals and visitors.

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